Best CRM Software – Key Features

CRM is a cloud-based SaaS-based software that helps companies with Customer- Relationship Management. The software is used by companies of all sizes. It offers a wide variety of features such as manage sales, customer support, lead management, coordination among various teams, and other business functions.

Key Features of CRM tool:

  • Process Automation:

Automate various processes like data entry, management of leads with reduces errors. It also reduces your employee cost as the manual task is been reduce by a large amount. It saves employees time and effort which can be focused on other important tasks and processes. 

  • Analysis of reports:

Analyze the data and categorize the customers using available filters and understand their requirements to make strategic decisions for the business. The reports are prese4nted in various forms and formats. The use of Artificial Intelli8gence to analyze these reports gives us a fair idea about the patterns to optimize the business processes and increase the efficiency of work. 

  • Managing the Employee performance:

Motivate the employees with a dashboard showing potential sales figures and appreciate them with trophies and badges once the targets are achieved.Appreciation keeps the employees motivated. The employee’s performance display to the managers can help them solve performance-related issues faced by the employees if any. 

  • Direct contact with Customers:

Converse with the customers whenever they try to contact the company through email, social media, and other means by getting notified for the same. This helps the company to give an immediate response to the customers for their queries which helps the company take immediate actions for any complaint or problem caused to the customers. This improves the company’s relationship with its customers. 

  • Customization:

Customize the CRM according to the requirements by combining various features. The features of the CRM tools have to be customized depending upon the company’s requirements and industry. Hence it is important to provide the client with exact solutions to their management activities.

  • Data Security:

Secure the database of customers and employees from unauthorized access by defining permissions of admins and users. There is no fear of the data getting misplaced or lost as it is saved in the CRM tools.

Here are the 5 best CRM software available for you to choose the best one.


ZOHO CRM gives a facility to have a hands-on experience on the CRM software by taking up a 15-day free trial. There are videos available on the website which give a fair idea about working on the CRM tool or one can even get a personalized demo on request.
Zoho CRM does not show any advertisements in the software, even if it is a free edition. The software focuses on maintaining the user’s privacy. The CRM is in a price range that is affordable to the big as well as small companies. The software is been used by the company itself to detect flaws and issues if any so that they can be solved causing no harm to the customer’s data. The Zoho CRM software helps to solve business problems efficiently and quickly cutting down the tedious manual operations of the company.

SalesForce Cloud Lightning Professional:

The SalesForce cloud lightening professional consists of a wide range of features that are required in a CRM too. The company offers customizations to its clients based on their requirements. The CRM tool is integrated with Artificial intelligence with gives you analysis and statistics of all the CRM reports related to the sales, leads, employee performances, incentives which help these companies to develop strategies required to bring out the3 best results from the employees and motivate them. The CRM maintains all the workflows in the organizations and one can handle huge amounts of data with good performance. The CRM tool is easy to operate to the employees with an attractive interface and provides good customer support.

Freshsales CRM:

Freshsales CRM is designed for small companies that need the CRM tool for a small amount of data and hence would not like to pay for the big and advanced tools. The CRM offers options of customization to its clients and offers the best solution possible. The software is integrated with Artificial Intelligence which gives the best results with analysis of data and take decisions likewise. The Price of this CRM is very reasonable and affordable to the emerging enterprises. The tool is easy to use to the admin and the employees who will use it. It also offers a free plan but does not provides you with the reports in that one.

HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot CRM is one of the highly used CRM. It offers innovative solutions to the management activities in a company. The CRM is also available in a free version which is workable. It offers other packages with more advanced features if you wish to opt for the paid version. The Hubspot CRM is mainly designed for small and emerging businesses to keep a track of their sales records, managing the employee’s performance, lead generation pipeline, and many other features. One drawback of this CRM is that it allows only a single email ID for each of the contact that is saved. It helps the companies to minimize the tedious and lengthy tasks on excel sheets.

Pipedrive CRM:

Pipedrive is one of the most easy to use CRM tool. It solves all the reporting and data segregation issues for companies. Pipedrive is mainly designed for small companies. CRM offers various features and innovations to solve your problems. You can keep a complete track of the reports, pipelines, and gives a statistical analysis of the data in its database. The CRM allows chatbot creation for websites and automates all the processes which reduces the risk to human errors. CRM as a user-friendly interface is one of its best features. The CRM is useful if you are someone looking for a simple CRM tool as it does not offer a lot of functionalities and advanced features.

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