Best Employee Monitoring Software

In many companies, there are cameras installed at regular distances that captures visual and audio recordings of the employees. There is software installed in many organizations that keep track of the employee’s productivity in their office hours. It seems a fair idea depending upon the size of organizations that cannot keep a track of all the employees manually. Especially in call centers, a lot of employees work at different shifts. It becomes difficult to note down the productivity and performance of all the employees or even a few of them every day. Hence many companies are focusing on implementing an employee monitoring software to maintain productivity data of their employees.

Employee monitoring software is majorly built to track the productivity of the employees over some time. It tracks certain other things such as tracking their in time out time, number of hours of work, leaves, and even the overtime. This software is customizable depending upon the employee’s position or job at the company. It depends upon how much time an employee spends on certain websites and applications on the computer. If a developer is spending a lot of time on social media this might be an indication that the person is not as productive in the office as he or she should be. Although if a graphic designer or social media manager is spending a lot of time on social media, they are productive enough because that’s their job.

Here are the 5 best Employee monitoring software from which you can choose the best-suited one for you.

Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a very popular software that is been used by more than 1500 companies. The employer can rack all the employees from the time they sit on their dest till they leave the office. The tracking service is accurate and has a good performance. The employer can get a track of all the activities of the employee and get the data of any employee as per the requirement. All the4 activities that go on email or chat are recorded and can be read by the person monitoring the software. It gives an analysis of which software and applications are been used by the employees the most.


Veriato is an Artificial Intelligence-based software for employee monitoring. The software captures the data and gives an analysis based on the pattern that is suggested by analyzing the data. The software helps the employer to manage to track the employee’s productivity based on the emails, chats, web browsing, and all the activities performed by the employees in a day. Big data and AI analyses the patterns in the database to give results about the employee activities. The software also takes care of the malicious threats from any outsider and informs it to the company. The security team then takes care of the situation.


The main focus of this employee management software is to preserve and secure the company data. It tracks down the productivity of the employees based on their presence on the computer, the software, and websites that they use. It comes with one management panel. The company determines the factors and parameters that will track based on the requirement of customization for every employee. The software monitors all the activities of the users, prevent data from theft or other unusual incidents on the employee monitoring software. The data of all the employees is available in the database that is away just from one search.


You can monitor your employee’s activity at any time of the day and access it through a mobile phone. It also allows you to see the work that your employee is doing and the progress that is been made in the project. There is also a GPS feature in the software which keeps note of the movement of the system, number of hours driven which makes it easy for the employer to monitor the employees working from home or who has gone for business trips to various locations. The software comes with a lot of features like tracking, scheduling, monitoring the timesheets online and many more.

iMonitorSoft EAM iMonitorSoft is regarded as one of the most powerful employee monitoring software. The software allows the employer to monitor more than 1000 systems and employees remotely from a central server. It gives real-time alerts to the employers depending upon the activities that are carried out by the employee or even if they sense any malicious activity or theft. The software can monitor all the activities including the screenshots taken, the documents uploaded, downloaded or even the emails, online chats among the colleagues, network traffic on the websites, browsing activities, and everything else. The software allows you to monitor the employees in real-time. The software helps to filter the websites and applications that can be accessible by the employees.

Although this employee monitoring software should only be used for the productivity of the employees and should not invade their personal space. The employee’s confidential data or passwords should be kept private by the software. This software also allows customizations about which data can be accessible to the supervisor or the manager and helps the employer to hide the private data of the employees.
This software can be beneficial to their business because of its automation, data storage, data analysis if a huge number of employees are working for them which can be beneficial even for the employees well being.


The pricing of the employee monitoring software depends upon the size of the company. The price is dependent upon how many employee monitoring agents the company has to deploy based on the number of employees if one agent monitors one employee. The price also depends upon the complexity and features of the employee monitoring software as few companies will require a basic software and some might need a complex software depending upon the industry. There are various packages offered by the vendors depending upon the tenure you want to commit. A subscription of one year will cost you less per month as compared to the monthly subscription.

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