Best HCM Software – How To Choose One

Human Capital Management software is the one that helps the company and Hrs to maintain the data of the employees of the company. IT helps them to cut down tedious manual tasks of maintaining employees in and out timings, keeps track of employee leaves, and overtime. It senses the in and out time data from the biometric devices that are been used by the companies to take sensory input from the employees either in the form of fingerprints, eyes, or any other form. This software is used by all the employees of the company to keep a note of their leaves when they come late to the office or even the track of their balance leaves and other statistics.

The HCM software being used by all the employees should be easy to use by everyone. It should not be complex which will require a lot of training or support to the employees. Companies make sure that the software is scalable if the number of employees increases without causing any disturbance to the previous database of employees. The HCM software comes with different technologies and functions depending upon the company requirements. There are various factors in this software that are specific top certain industries hence it is important to choose the best one among them.

Here are 5 best HCM available online, for you to choose.

SAP SuccessFactors:

SAP SuccessFactors is one of the leading HCM software in the market. The software offers an easy to use user interface which can be used by the employees. The software keeps a daily track of employee information like in time, out time, payroll management, workforce planning, HR analytics. The vendor offers good customer support and consulting and training regarding the software. The software covers a lot of things like offer letter, leaves, performance of employees, compensations, relief letter for the employees, and visa permits for the employees. It is an all in one solution available offering you the best service.

Oracle HCM cloud:

Oracle Hcm Cloud is a cloud-based Hcm software and comprehensive HRMS suite w3hich is designed for medium and large-sized organizations. The company provides you with a demo of all the essential requirements and solutions that you wish to have in your Hcm software. The software tasks care of all the employee management activities like payroll, compensation, overtime, performance. Certain advanced features gives you a fair idea about the cost and expenses that may occur if there are any changes in the company’s functioning. The software provides good support and training to its clients and their employees to understand the functioning of the software. It offers a variety of packages depending upon the tenure of commitment and size of the company. This soft6ware does not offer any customizations after it is purchased.


Along with Human capital, Workday also offers management with the company’s financials and capital. The company provides solutions to all types of industries and all the company size. The company offers demos solutions to all the requirements that is been put by the client. This software allows you to manage all the employee-related activities like hiring, payroll, official letters, compensations, attendance, and leave management. It consists of separate tools for all the activities and helps the company to analyze a large number of employees and their activities on a single search. It is an all in one solution for all the employee management activities.

BambooHR :

BambooHR is the software mainly designed for the small and medium-sized organizations. It offers solutions to all the human capital management activities in the company. The user interface of this software is easy to use and well laid out. All the employees can use this soft6ware with ease. The company provides many plans for its clients depending upon the requirements. These applications can also be used by a mobile phone remotely and stay updated with the whereabouts in the company from a long distance. The company offers a free trial of its product which can be useful to make a decision.

Infor’s CloudSuite HCM:

Infor’s CloudSuite HCM gives solutions to all the HR activities and management through one software. The software helps the company with various complex operations like budgeting, workflow of the employees, projects in-hand, employee relations, and many others. The software offers solutions with managing the talent, the process of hiring, onboarding, case management system, and knowledgebase portal. It also offers statistics and analytics of the data that is stored on the database. It allows the company to take strategic decisions for the benefit of the company and its employees. All the tedious HR processes can be carried out in an optimized manner using this software. It offers solutions to most of the industries and all sizes of companies.

You have to list down all the features and requirements of your company you wish to have in a software for HCM. Then you can check for the companies that provide you with those solutions and give you a free demo of the services and features of the software. It will be best if you can get a hands-on experience on the software as it will be difficult to get used to software especially when you are replacing the old software with a new one. There are a few companies that offer a free trial period of either one month or 15 days before you invest in it.

It should be taken into consideration that the Hcm software can be easily integrated into the sensory devices used in your company.
The HCM software benefits the company with a reduction of human errors that can take place when carrying out the tasks manually. It benefits the employees to keep a track of their leaves, compensations, overtimes, and plan their activities easily without asking about it to the HR. There are many competitors in the market offering Hcm solutions, it is important to choose the one which is reliable for years and can handle the increasing employee data.

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