How to Motivate Employees

Companies are constantly focusing on ways to make their employees happy and keep them motivated with their work. Yet there are times when employees are not willing to give their 100% to a work due to any issues in their personal life or just boredom for the work. It is very important to motivate your employees because the work done by each one of them builds the company and their best work and well being in the office would bring the best of results which will help the company grow.
Here are 12 ways in which you can motivate your employees daily and keep a happy and healthy environment at your workplace.

  1. Praise them for their achievements:
    Everyone wants to be known for or praised, especially when they have worked hard on something. A praise or appreciation for their extraordinary performance will motivate them to work with the same enthusiasm further. This will also motivate other employees to work hard. An appreciation that comes from the upper management means a lot to the employee than it may seem. Hence it is important to recognize one’s efforts and appreciate them.
  2. Friendly Environment:
    It is important to create an environment that is free and friendly to everyone. Every employee should feel a friendly atmosphere with their boss or colleagues. There should be no strain between the employees or the fear of talking to each other. It is important that the employees feel relaxed and can talk about their problems to others and get them solved. An environment that is friendly and welcoming to everyone creates a positive impact on the overall atmosphere.
  3. Pleasant Office spaces:
    Try to make your office spaces look beautiful and pleasing as much as possible. An employee spend a large time of their day in office. Hence it is important to make these spaces look beautiful and give out positive vibes. A dull looking office space will create an unpleasant environment that will demotivate the employees affecting their work. In a pleasing office space, employees will be willing to come to the office more and will make them eager to work.
  4. Discuss Ideas:
    Whether it is an upper management employee or a fresher, everyone should be made to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and innovations. Even if the idea is silly the person should be made comfortable to bring it out in front of everyone. Discuss ideas with the employees as they can add some brilliant turns to simple ideas and one may come up with something worthy. Every idea should be appreciated as every person is unique and everyone has their perspectives looking at the problems.
  5. Make sure your employees do not get bored:
    There are times when the work may become monotonous or boring for the employees. Give them a break from work by arranging small games or fun tasks in the companies for the employees. This will help them regain their creative energy and increase their efficiency at work. Making them do various activities on fun Fridays or other occasions make them feel their inner child or opportunities to resent their hobbies and personal interests. Arrange group trips or lunches to give people a break and opportunity to bond with their colleagues.
  6. Work-Life Balance:
    It is important to help employees maintain their work-life balance. A person cannot work well if he or she is suffering some problems in their personal life or is not able to give enough time for their family. This makes people frustrated with the work and decreases their efficiency. Encourage your employees to go on vacations and outings.
  7. Show them the Big Picture:
    Show your employees how they play a part in a big project. Tell them how they benefit the project with their work and that their best work will add value to the entire project. Show them how they fit in well in the big picture which will eventually lead to one end goal with their contribution.
  8. Set Small Goals:
    Give your employees small tasks and goals to be achieved in some amount of time. It will keep them focused on those tasks. Giving small tasks will help them to give their best shot at each task in hand. Reward these small goals with small benefits or praise or giving them free noontime on a Friday or a private parking space for a week or something else.
  9. Show them, that you trust them:
    Show your employees that you trust them with their work and abilities. Tell them that even if they make mistakes, you trust them on making it better and not repeating them. Trusting them gives them the confidence to work on their assigned tasks. They start to trust themselves with their work and skills and will hardly disappoint you.
  10. Encourage creativity:
    Bringing creativity into work makes it interesting and increases employees productivity. It might be difficult for the manager to tell the employees how creative they can be in every task. So encouraging them to do the same will help them keep away from boredom and monotony in the work.
  11. Show them their career path:
    Show your employees the career path based on their tasks and goals. Tell them how their career will shape based on their work and show them at what level they will be if they keep working with their 100% dedication. It will help them stay focused on their work and create small stepping stones for themselves depending upon where they see themselves in the next couple of years.
  12. Reward them for their achievements:
    Some incentives based on their work or extraordinary performance will encourage them and other employees too. Public appreciation and rewards in form of cash prize or some other company benefit like a holiday or trip can keep them motivated in their job and encourage them to bring out the best of themselves and in the work they do.

Although it might be difficult to use the same strategy on all the employees, but these strategies help the companies to maintain a healthy office environment and happy employees.

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